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[multishots] Cinderella and His Joker (1/~)

Title : Cinderella and His Joker

Type/Status : Chaptered (1/~) on going

Pairing : KyuHyuk (Cho Kyuhyun/Lee Hyukjae)

Side Character : (girl!)Park Jungsu – Choi Siwon – Kim Heechul – Kim Ryeowook – Kim Junsu – more to come

Rating : PG-13

Genre : Romance – AU!19centuries - slight!humor

Summary : He’s a young man from an aristocrat family. Being told to work in such an early age, leading a big trading company on his back, he’s life is no different with Cinderella. But different from Cinderella, instead of pushing him away from his prince charming, his step mother want something else… But he didn’t want a prince charming… he wants a joker instead…


That night was quiet… The sky was so clear and starts could be seen by naked eyes. The moon was in its perfect shape and as it reflected the sunlight, it became the source of light for the dark night. The rain stopped already… While grasses glistened due to water droplets on its surface that the rain caused. It was pretty though no one noticed.

The party seemed to be more interesting than the beauty of the nature that God made by his own hands thousands years ago. The loud music of the orchestra that led the dance sounded more fun than the quietness of the night… Spending times by getting drunk and having fun looked more promising than going back to the bedroom to have a proper rest.

Everyone was drowned in the excitement of the season opening. Just like another beginning of the season, all the nobles would gather for a big feast, celebrating the passed season and welcoming the other one. It was the beginning of spring… White snow that covered the land had gone and beautiful flowers decorated every parts of the garden, looking beautiful in rich color diverse.

The best season of the year… That what the nobles said as they greeted each other on the beginning of the party but it was certain that they didn’t know what they were talking about because they only cared about the party.

Feeling dizzy and tired of the crowd that surround him, a young man made his way out from the big ballroom of the big mansion and went to the balcony for fresh air. He took of the thick black coat that wrapped his body as he let out a tired sigh and stretched his spent muscles.

Lee Hyukjae was never a party lover… Forgetting the fact that he was born as an aristocrat, he hated being inside such a crowded place. When he was younger, he always found his way to escape from the party. Hiding under the tables or sneaking out to the yard of the mansion… He always had his way. But it was years ago when he was still a boy… He was a grown up man now… The head of the family after his father’s death and most of all... he was the host of the party.

He looked inside the ballroom through the big window in front of him… He watched how his mother stood gracefully by the center of the crowd, being surrounded by men from all ages, youths and widowers who simply adored her endless beauty. After his father’s death… Nobles from around the kingdom came and ask his mother’s hand for marriage but all of them had to face a painful rejection.

It might be because his mother didn’t want to face another lost... She lost her husband due to an accident once, leaving her in such a young age and two sons that barely knew their father. She married Hyukjae’s father afterwards and as Hyukjae turned seventeen, his father died due to illness, once again leaving his wife with not two but three sons behind.

Hyukjae knew what it felt to be left behind. He remembered exactly the day his birth mother died when he was six. His mother was bearing Hyukjae’s brother but as illness corrupted her weak body, she breathed her last breath…so did the unborn baby in her stomach. He remembered how peaceful his mother looked as they closed her coffin and buried her body in the ground. His mother was pretty as usual… She was even prettier than his step mother.

He remembered his father calmed him down, saying that God loved his mother so much until he took him way early so she wouldn’t get wrinkle like another old lady but he knew better…

He was still a boy but he knew how it felt to be left by someone he loved so dearly and he couldn’t feel any worse as his father left him too… leaving him as an orphan. Alone in the world with only step mother and two step brothers that barely cared about him.

They were a really nice person… Hyukjae swore but sometimes they were so close yet felt so far from him. Hyukjae couldn’t bring himself to stand beside them no matter what they did and in the end he was being left behind. It wasn’t like Hyukjae didn’t try. He did… but he failed in the end. Being around his step mother and his step brothers made him felt somewhat unwelcomed or being pushed away. No matter how funny Heechul hyung was or how innocent Ryeowook was or how sweet Leeteuk umma was… There was a thin wall that separated them and it couldn’t be moved away.

Being the real blood and flesh of his father, Hyukjae was given the responsibility to continue the successful business of his father. He studied and worked all the time while his step mother and his brothers just lazing their body around the house and spent money without cares.

Hyukjae somehow thought himself as a living Cinderella. Maybe he didn’t pour his sweats or being forced to do home chores like a slave but standing on his ground, he swore it was more difficult than being Cinderella. Being forced to study and work in such an early age… It was tiring… Unfair. But that was life…


“How’s your sleep, sir?” Hyukjae smiled the time he entered his study room, finding his loyal butler stood near his desk with a tray of breakfast in his hand. He still felt sleepy… He still wanted to sleep because he didn’t get any proper sleep after the party ended.

“Bad…” Hyukjae said as he sat on his study chair while his butler put the tray on the table in front of him. He thanked the middle aged man and his butler bowed politely at him before made his way out from the study room, giving Hyukjae a private time with his breakfast.

Hyukjae munched his toast as he looked over the other side of his table. His butler already prepared his study books and he put the letters that was sent to Hyukjae on top of his books. Hyukjae took the letters and opened it one by one as he let his mouth digested the food in it. It was letters from the his colleagues, some saying thanks for the good service that Hyukjae’s company provided, some asking for a further partnership but most of all were an invitation to a party.

Hyukjae kept the important one for himself while he put the letters of party invitation back to its place on the table before he turned his attention to the thick book of his study by the corner of the table. It was a book about business that his private teacher gave him and he hadn’t finished it. He opened it and went to the page where he stopped reading before and as he scanned the words, he continued his reading.

His butler came back after a while with a tray of juice in his hands and put it on the table for Hyukjae. He took the empty plate on Hyukjae’s desk before went out for the second times but Hyukjae managed to stop him.

“Give this to mother.” Hyukjae said as he handed the letters of party invitation to his butler and the middle age man smiled at him.

“You wish her lady to come to the party as your replacement, sir?” He asked politely and Hyukjae chuckled a bit at him.

“You know me to well…” Hyukjae joked and his butler bowed one more time to him before he left the room. It was nine in the morning and Hyukjae’s private teacher would come not more than another hour so Hyukjae thought he could use the good one hour for rest instead of studying early.

He rest his back on his chair before closing his eyes but a loud bang on his study room door made him jumped from his chair in an instant. “GOOD MORNING, EARLY BIRD!” It was his step mother who stormed inside his study room, still in her night gown, while his butler tailed from behind and closed the door slowly.

“I’m sorry, sir… Her lady wished to meet you even thought you clearly stated before that you didn’t want someone to interrupt your study.” His butler said while Hyukjae mumbled that it was fine because he wasn’t studying as well.

“Is there something wrong, mother?” Hyukjae asked while his mother just hummed happily in return.

“Well, I’ve seen the invitation that you gave me…” She said while Hyukjae just nodded in a return. “One will be hold in a week at the North Kingdom and I want to go there with your brothers. So I’m thinking about taking a small amount of money with us as we go there.” She continued and Hyukjae smiled at her.

Hyukjae told her mother that his butler would give him the money she needed and he earned a kiss on his cheek from his mother in return before the lady went out from his study room with his butler tailed her once more.

Hyukjae smiled bitterly as he saw the closed door in front of him. He chuckled as he felt the trace of his step mother’s kiss. It felt so wrong… Hyukjae wanted more than that. He longed to be part of his step mother’s life. How he wished his step mother stormed inside the room to ask him whether he wanted to join their trip or not… Not only for asking for money. Wasn’t it too much to ask?


“Rise and shine, aristocrat!” Hyukjae yawned, opening his sleepy eyes as he heard a familiar energetic voice disturbed his little nap and as he opened his eyes, he found his private teacher stood in front of his desk with the usual bright smile of his decorated his face.

“Junsu hyung…” Hyukjae blinked twice or thrice to clear his blurry vision while his private teacher had settled himself on the seat across Hyukjae’s desk.

“Yeah… Yeah… Morning, Hyukjae.” He said. “Come on, open your eyes… Your brain needs study… Not sleep.” He continued.

“Said the man who had a beauty sleep.” Hyukjae joked while the slightly older man chuckled a bit at him. Junsu had became Hyukjae’s tutor for less than a year and his young age didn’t stop him from teaching Hyukjae about difficult lesson like economy or foreign languages.

Junsu wasn’t a noble like him, he was an ordinary boy. His father was a butler in the king’s palace… Maybe it was the reason how he could study just like a noble does. Hyukjae envied Junsu to be honest… He envied Junsu for being smart and the thing that made him jealous most was because Junsu could live freely. He didn’t have anything that bound his movement like Hyukjae. He was a free soul not like Hyukjae… tied in his nobility.

“You definitely need sunshine.” Junsu said as he dragged Hyukjae out from his study room. They ended up settling on the grasses of Hyukjae’s mansion yard, both had a thick book on their lap. Junsu was telling him a story that was connected to the subject that they were studying on to make the study became more fun while Hyukjae listened happily as he felt the warmth that was radiated from the sun touched his skin.

“This is sure more interesting…” Hyukjae said while Junsu chuckled a bit hearing his comment. “I don’t want to study anymore.” Hyukjae whined.

“We do need rest, actually.” Junsu said. “Teaching you four hours per day every day except weekend really tires my body.” He continued.

“You only teach me for four hours, hyung. I still have another teacher waiting to teach me for another four hours.” He said.

“Then don’t study if you don’t want it.” Junsu said rather bluntly.

“You know I have company in my hand and I need to fill my brain with knowledge if I want to lead the company well.”

“Have you ever thought about quitting everything you’re in right now and just live freely like me? It is way more interesting, you know.” Junsu said.

“Never…” Hyukjae said.

“It’s fun you know to live without boundaries.” Junsu said. “You have nothing to tie you down and in the end you’ll rely on your guts and brain to take your decisions. You have no one rely on you and if you fail no one is disappointed to you. Make friend with everyone you want… Even now the only thing that keeps me around is my contract as your private tutor.”

“It sure sounded fun…” Hyukjae said. They heard a loud ruckus coming from inside the mansion and Hyukjae saw two of the servants were preparing the horses for his step mother’s carriage.

“Your mother’s going somewhere?” Junsu asked and Hyukjae nodded.

“There are a party coming up in a week and all of my family will go there.” Hyukjae said. “It’s going to be a long ride…” He commented while Junsu only nodded in return. One thing that he didn’t realize was Junsu’s eyes were wide open when he heard the word ‘all of my family will go there…’


He was death tired… After Junsu left the house, he only had half an hour to rest before his second tutor came. His other teacher was an aged man. He was old and smart… He taught the royalty before he taught Hyukjae and Hyukjae admired him for his knowledge.

He was a bit strict, not like the carefree Junsu and Hyukjae was slightly tired after the good four hours of non stop studying. The only time to rest that he has was when he sent his family off to their trip hours after they started their lesson. He left a scroll for Hyukaje to read. It was a copy of the actual scroll that the palace’s library had. It was a scroll of the first king’s journal. He said it was good to improve Hyukjae’s literature and it was inspiring for leaders, including Hyukjae who was leading his big company in early age.

Hyukjae was drowning in the words of the king. He just realized that even a king had anxiety in his mind. Hyukjae was the head of hic company… the king was the head of the whole kingdom… It was much bigger scale. The king’s word was sure inspiring and Hyukjae found himself unable to stop on reading… not until he overslept on his study desk.

It was past midnight when Hyukjae woke up from his sleep to due noises from outside his study room. He stretched his body before he went out from his study room to check what was happening outside. He just opened the door of his study room, a man stormed inside and pulled him back inside before he closed the door and locked it.

Hyukjae was taken aback… He was scared… He didn’t know the man at all and the man was obvious stranger to the house. ‘ROBBER!’ Eunhyuk screamed inside his mind but he just stood in silence as he watched the man walked around the room.

“Is there any other door to get out from this room?” He asked Hyukjae but Hyukjae just stood in silence as he watched the slightly taller man. It was when the taller guy let out a knife and placed it real close on Hyukjae’s throat, Hyukjae’s mind told him to start talking.

But it wasn’t the knife that scared him. He was rather scared of the taller man’s intimidating eyes. How his strong hands grabbed both of his wrists and pinned it on the wall behind him… it was way scarier than the knife that was only an inch apart from his throat.

“The key…” Hyukjae said in a stammered voice. “On the desk…” He continued. “It will unlock that big window.”

The man let go of Hyukjae’s wrists and pulled himself away from Hyukjae before he stormed to the desk and took the key that Eunhyuk mentioned before. That man made a big mistake… He turned his back on Hyukjae as he went to the window, giving Hyukjae enough space to attack him from the back with anything that he could find as a weapon but Hyukjae didn’t do it…

He rather confused with his mind because he couldn’t bring himself taking the iron stick that was use for the fireplace near him and hit the stranger with it. He just stood there watching the taller guy opened the big window that connected his room with the outside world.

The stranger turned to face him one more time and Hyukjae could see confusion in his eyes as well. Maybe the other guy was woken up to his sense after he turned his back on Hyukjae and waited to be attacked but nothing came. It was sure confusing but it was win situation for him.

 He jumped out from the window and he managed to climb down from the second floor, landed perfectly on the grass before he ran away to the forest. Hyukjae watched him from the window as he saw the man disappeared from behind the tall trees when he came to realization. ‘I JUST HELPED A ROBBER!’ He screamed inside his mind.


“Our mansion had been robbed, sir.” His butler said when Hyukjae started his breakfast on the dinning room and made Hyukjae chocked a bit.

“I’m sorry…” Hyukjae said. “What are you saying?” He asked and his butler started to explain what was happening on the night.

“A robber broke into the mansion. He managed to pass the guards and took the jewelries in her lady’s room.” His butler said. “He was caught during the action but he managed to escape… We wonder how could he disappear like that and we’re sorry for being unable to catch him.” He continued.

“That’s okay… Just make sure this won’t happen again. If it only mother’s jewelries that he took… We can replace it.” Hyukjae said. “Mother doesn’t need to know about this.” He continued and his butler said.

Just like Hyukjae said before… His mother’s jewelries were replaceable. They managed to replace it before his mother get home and even the rare one didn’t slow them down. They replaced it all when his mother when home.

His mother went home with an unreadable look when Hyukjae welcomed him home while his step brothers had this regretful expression in their eyes when they entered the mansion.

“Something wrong, hyung?” Hyukjae asked and Heechul who always blabbered about anything just shook his head.

“Mom’s upset…” He answered shortly.

“And why is that?” Hyukjae asked once again.

“Sir, her lady wish to see you.” His butler interrupted their short conversation while he heard Heechul sighed even more.

“You’ll know.” He said before he went to his room and Ryeowook tailed from behind him. “Please just say yes, hyung…” Ryeowook said before he went upstairs to follow his oldest brother leaving Hyukjae puzzled by himself.

‘What’s happening around here?’ Hyukjae thought but he made his way to his mother’s room after all.


A/N : this is the fic that was requested by alexanderfannie J hope you like this first chapter ^^




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